Project Development History


Winnipeg Housing is committed to working with communities and through development we aim to bring about positive change, provide affordable housing and help accomplish community goals.







History of Development


To address the lack of affordable housing in the City of Winnipeg and the need to revitalize deteriorating inner city neighbourhoods, Winnipeg Housing began the development of affordable housing through major building renovations and building conversion projects.  Many of Winnipeg Housing's currently owned and managed multi-family buildings consist of unique projects that were retrofitted during the 1980's.  These buildings include a retrofitted biscuit plant, printing warehouse, church, police station and many more.  Buildings that once stood vacant, derelict and underutilized became the home to many families in need of quality affordable housing.


Winnipeg Housing has extensive experience in developing small residential (single family dwellings) and large multi-unit housing projects.  Since 2000, Winnipeg Housing has been actively involved in residential development and rehabilitation in an effort to help revitalize inner city communities.  We have established partnerships with local housing groups and stakeholders to deliver affordable, rehabilitated housing in targeted inner city neighbourhoods with funding provided by all levels of government. Between 1999 and 2012, approximately 200 housing units were built by leveraging approximately $8.5 million of funding creating over $20 million of investment in the inner city.  The majority of these units were built to provide affordable homeownership opportunities and encourage neighbourhood stability.


During the past 3 decades, Winnipeg Housing has developed over 700 housing units throughout the City of Winnipeg.  With over 30 years of experience, Winnipeg Housing has positioned itself to provide its technical and financial expertise in delivering housing that meets the priorities of the community and neighbourhoods in which we work.  In partnership and support with neighbourhood groups, local housing development strategies are implemented in a manner to facilitate capacity, community participation and develop attainable housing for Winnipeg citizens.  We are eager to continue our work by providing housing options that accommodate a range of incomes and household types, ensuring neighbourhoods throughout the City stay livable, desirable and affordable.


With the support and commitment of funding agencies and all levels of government, Winnipeg Housing's committed staff and volunteer board of directors provide on-going efforts to develop and create affordable housing in the City of Winnipeg.  Today, our vision is to continue our development efforts to bring about positive change in the lives of individuals, families and our neighbourhoods.  We will continue our work by working closely with communities and residents to determine housing needs and provide assistance in accomplishing community goals.




Winnipeg Housing thanks our many funders who have contributed to the success of our housing projects, and the many community groups and residents associations that have provided us with support to continue our work.


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