Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC) was founded in the late 1970’s as a non-profit charitable corporation mandated to develop, manage, retrofit, and provide affordable housing in the City of Winnipeg.

WHRC currently manages 1,300 low to moderate income housing units and is a licensed Property Management Broker. WHRC has assets valued at $140 million and manages another $100 million of third party properties.

As an integral part of WHRC’s Property Management, staff include Tenant Resource Coordinators who provide programming, education and resources to help individuals and families succeed in their tenancy and overcome life’s many challenges.

WHRC is actively involved in Real Estate Development that is focused on community housing goals and addressing affordable housing need.



WHRC has extensive experience developing affordable residential housing ranging from single family homes to larger multi-family projects. WHRC’s Development staff manage all stages of development from pre-development assessment phases to construction completion and close-out within the Projects’ scope, schedule and budget. WHRC has developed projects with costs ranging from $40 thousand to $26 million including new construction, building conversion and extensive renovation.

Since 2000, WHRC has developed over 275 affordable housing units, leveraged approximately $40 million of funding creating over $52 million of investment in Winnipeg’s communities. Since 2012, WHRC has been providing Development Consulting services to non-profit organizations with like-minded goals and has helped manage the development of an additional 102 affordable housing units worth $18 million.

WHRC has established strong partnerships with local housing groups, stakeholders and numerous funding agencies and continue to work towards developing housing that provides benefits environmentally, socially, and economically.

WHRC has received national recognition and awards for sustainability, accessibility, and best practices in affordable housing.

Development Services

Project Management

  • Manage all stages of development including managing the roles and responsibilities of all project consultants, participants and stakeholders to effectively achieve the project objectives while working within the constraints of the scope of work, time, budget and funding requirements.

Development Collaboration

  • Ensure all phases of the project are integrated according to the Owners Project Requirements, project vision, and spatial/end use programming and coordinated with all members of the Development Team.


  • Assist with; site analysis, zoning review, solicitation of City Planner support for desired design program, geodetic and site surveys, environmental site assessments, feasibility studies, proposal creation and submissions for funding, address legal issues, development applications.


  • Preparation of detailed Capital and Operational budgets.
  • Monitor, update, and manage the project budgets throughout all development phases.

  • Administration of a Request for Qualification and/or Request for Proposal process to build project team.


  • Provide tender support and manage contracts
  • Attend site regularly to monitor and advise on progress, troubleshoot when required.
  • Closely monitor and advise/approve PCN’s, CO’s, and CFP’s issued by the Architect.
  • Financial reporting including cash flow management, claim submissions for project funding, effective management of project contingency.

Construction Completion and Closeout

  • Coordinate final inspections, deficiency reports and follow up, building commissioning, occupancy permit and initiate rent-up with Property Management Team.
  • Coordinate the one year warranty period post substantial completion.

Additional services available upon request