Application Instructions

To apply for an apartment with Winnipeg Housing you can download our application by clicking on the link below or you can visit our office and pick one up.

All applications must be dropped off at our office by the applicant and must be complete. To ensure your application is complete please refer to the checklist below or refer to the application cover page that is available in the PDF by clicking the button above.

We strive to have your completed application reviewed by our staff within 10 business days from the date we receive it however this time frame can vary from applicant to applicant. Once you have submitted your application, we ask that you be patient and wait for us to contact you with the results of our review.

Application Submission Checklist

  1. Your application must be filled out and signed.
  2. You must include your “Option C” (RC143 E) obtainable from the Canada Revenue Agency. Please note that we will not accept your Notice of Assessment in place of your Option C.
  3. You must provide a form of government issued photo identification.
  4. You must provide proof of your current income which can consist of any of the following documents:
    • Two current paystubs
    • A letter from your employer
    • An Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) budget letter
    • A bank statement (if you are in receipt of CPP, OAS or are on a pension)
    • An Employment Insurance Benefits statement
  5. You must provide a credit history or, if you prefer, you can pay $22.00 when you drop off your application and we can process this on your behalf. If you would like to order the credit history directly, on your own, you can go to the Transunion website and order a credit history online by clicking here.
  6. Applicants not holding Canadian Citizenship are required to provide Winnipeg Housing with an IMM1000 or IMM1442 form for each member of their family who will be residing with them. Due to changes that came into effect in 2002, the permanent resident card or IMM5292 may also be acceptable. For more information on these forms or how to obtain them you can contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada at 1 (888) 242-2100 or visit their website by clicking here.