Maintenance and Repairs

What to Do if You have Maintenance Issues

If you are a tenant with Winnipeg Housing and you have a maintenance problem please contact your caretaker and make an appointment for them to come to your suite and inspect the problem. If there has been property damage or injury, your caretaker will complete an incident report with you so that we have an account of the incident.

If you are unable to contact your building caretaker or if you have a complaint about an ongoing maintenance issue, please contact our office and request to speak with your property manager.

Preventative Maintenance

Winnipeg Housing is committed to providing safe housing for our tenants. Therefore, Winnipeg Housing staff from time-to-time may need to conduct repairs and preventative maintenance in your suite to ensure it remains healthy and safe. Winnipeg Housing will make every effort to minimize the disruption while repairs and preventative maintenance are underway.

Please Note:

Maintenance requests are meant for non-emergency maintenance. Should you encounter an emergency, please contact us Immediately.